Every real estate agent will promise to sell your home but I guarantee it. I’ll sell your home at a price and time frame we both agree on, or I’ll sell it for free. If I don’t do everything I’ve promised — you can fire me.

How will we sell your home in 35 days*?

1. I have an exclusive database of motivated, qualified and serious buyers. Within 48 hours of your home being listed, I’ll notify our exclusive list of buyers that match your home. Very often, this results in an immediate offer or multiple offers and creates a bidding war on your home.

2. Everyone will know your home is for sale.

3. Your home will never miss a showing call.

4. Internet ads of your home listing will be boosted on social media sites.

These are just some of the marketing that I employ.

To get started with this program, call me at (978) 877 2604 and let me know you want to sell your home in 35 days!

*Certain Stipulations Apply